Monday 25 June 2007

Shane Glines books

Got Shane Glines thick hardcover book "S Curves" in the mail today.
And what a beauty it is!
If you have hesitated about ordering this book I can just say: Just go ahead and buy it!
It's filled from cover to cover with sketches, finished artwork, rough concepts and fun stuff. And it's all in color!
And then there's the smaller Lily and Flinch sketchbook. Softcover, but just as good. Filled with girls and cats. Can it get any better?
You can order them at both!

Here are some teaser pages from "S Curves":

And there's 400 more pages filled with stuff just as good as this! :)
Go get it!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

WOW dude, that book looks very impressive but quite expensive but still more then worth it I bet.