Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The masters touch

While waiting for tomorrows Alex Raymond photos here's an obscurity. His handprint! Now you can study every line of his hand. Confess it. You know that you will click on the picture to enlarge it you, you hand fetishist you...

You can also print this out, bring it to your plastic surgery clinic and ask them to re-make your own hand to look like Alex'. With a hand like that you should be able to draw like the master himself!
Now, who will be the first idio... ahem blog reader to try it?


Anonymous said...

Now I get enormously curious about what the "Character analysis" would reveal about our Raymond...

Håkan / Wakuran

Silvio Spotti said...

You know...I just had to click and see for myself.
But I´m curious about who are you folks.
And why you all are at an old Egmont office.