Sunday 7 October 2007

Gottfredson 1956-57

[Edit: The sheets are now gone.]

I recently ended up with an extra set of Floyd Gottfredson's 1956-1957 Mickey Mouse daily strips.
I thought I should check if there's anyone interested in this set? Ca. 100 large sheets with a weeks worth of strips per page. (Missing January 1956. And some weeks are missing a daily. But most are complete weeks. Sharp from proofs.) These are not in the German Floyd Gottfredson portfolio wich covers 1930-1955 and will most likely not appear in any upcoming Gottfredson library since these are after his "adventure period".
Written by Bill Walsh they feature corny and sometimes surrealistic and weird gags. :) And naturally Gottfredsons strong sense of design. I enjoy just flipping through these sheets and beeing inspired by his artwork. He even inked these himself, even if I see a few dailies that are inked by Bill Wright.
Besides the regular cast there's also Mortys cousin Kilty, Ellsworth, Li'l Davy Crockett and a spaceman appearing on a regular basis. There are even some mini-continuities. (The last of these strips are from one.)

Here are some samples. Enjoy!

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