Friday, 19 October 2007

More Jippes!

Here's a follow up to the last post with Daan Jippes artwork.
I remembered that there was a lot of his stuff posted on the Cartoonretro forum a few years ago. The forum is now gone but I saved a lot of the best stuff from that thread. I hope you don't mind if I post some pieces again here. They are just too good.:) (If anyone have any objections or wants credits for posting these in the first place on the Cartoonretro forum, just let me know and I'll fix it. )

First some Beauty and the Beast sketches featuring Gaston and the Beast.

A drawing from a letter he sent me.

A rough for the Tea for Two album.

An Asterix page!

Hmmm... I just saw that I only have a fraction of the pictures from that forum on this machine. The rest probably vanished when someone whiped out everything I had saved in the studio. Damn...

If you want more there's of course the special issue of Danish Carl Barks & Co. filled with Jippes non-Disney artwork. Might still be available.


PS. As an extra bonus, here's a childhood drawing by Daan! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

What was the context for the Asterix drawing? It seems Albert Uderzo is quite wary of Asterix stuff not officially drawn by him, so I wonder... (The stuff is left out of most Asterix "complete collections", for instance...)

Also, for you readers who aren't aware of Franco-Belgian comics history, that early Daan Jippes piece looks like the black rats from Raymond Macherot's classic Clorophylle comic. (It has been translated to some other European languages, but sadly not to English, as far as I know...)

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

There was an explanation for the Asterix page on the Cartoonretro forum. I don't remember it, though. There's another Asterix page in Carl Barks & Co and I have seen a few Asterix covers drawn for Pep by Jippes. I wish those were in the "complete" Asterix volumes...

I also believe that Jippes assisted Franquin on his Gaston. I don't know wich period. Any additional info on this is naturally welcome. :)

Anonymous said...

On some French sites, I've read about "inedits", which, if I haven't misunderstood, signify rare comics that are hard to find officially. Maybe there are some of Jippes' Asterix stuff available on such sites...

It'd be interesting to see. I'm impressed by his craftsmanship, and his ability to change his style...

Didier Ghez said...

"Inedit" means "never published / never released before".

Anonymous said...

I remember reading something about the Asterix pages being trial pages for a proposed series of short Asterix stories....

Anonymous said...

Hej Joakim; Daan Jippes here.
And happy to oblige re the questions around the "why"of those 2 Asterix pages I drew in the spring of 1981.
An agency in Amsterdam got wind of Editeurs Albert/Rene`s plans for a monthly Asterix magazine, and contacted me to do the art for a 32 page story, for which Lo Hartog van Banda ( ex- Marten Toonder Studios) had already done a synopsis, plus script for pages 1 to 4.
All I know ( because at the time I was living in Van Nuys, California) is that the work was submitted for approval to a guy in Bruxelles, Belgium, and then....zilch; nothing!
As we all know that magazine never saw the light. Was my effort ever SEEN by Uderzo? One wonders...

What a joy to see my old Chlorophylle drawing again, after 52 years or so.That`s how old I guess it is by now.Probably done when I was ten and only just aware of indian ink.
It`s a scene, imagined by me, from "Chlorophylle contre les Rats Noirs", the first story in the series by Raymond Macherot.
I saw it for the first time in Tintin weekly, and was very impressed.
How did you get hold of it, Joakim?
best, Daan

Cap A said...

Hi Joakim,

I'm a Belgian fan of comics; and I like daan Jippes' stuff a lot. Last week, he came to a convention in Belgium, but unfortunatelly I couldn't attend the convention.
I'd like to contact him in relation with his non-Disney work. Can you help me with an email or a postal address.

Thanks in advance. Best regards.


Joakim Gunnarsson said...


I just checked old comments on this blog and realized that I havn't seen your comment until now, Daan!
I got scans of several of your childhood drawings from someone who had boght several of your early sketchbooks. (I can't remember his name now, though.)

Silvio Spotti said...

I have to say.
Mr Daan Jippes, you sir,have the power to draw anything.
And for what we can see here , since you was very young.
You should write a book about how to draw.
I´ll buy it for sure.