Tuesday, 9 October 2007

A question from Bill.

Here's a question from Bill Wright. (!!!)
Actually it's a note written on one of the many sheets of pasted up Mickey Mouse dailies that he left behind when he passed away in 1984. Myself and my friend Germund has a big stack of proofs for Mickey Mouse, Brer Rabbit etc that he once owned. But there are stuff missing. Anyone else who has parts or maybe the rest of his collection?

Anyhoo, here's a sample of his paste up pages featuring samples of Floyd Gottfredsons work late in his career.

Myself I think Gottfredson did the pencils on that particular daily but it was inked by someone else. It's certainly his lettering. Any thoughts?


Francoisw said...

Ink is "officially" attributed to Larry Mayer for the next but last strip. It's possible that LM inked all those particular strips.

Unknown said...

I've asked for Alberto Becattini's opinion, and he confirmed that Larry Mayer did both the inking and the lettering for the MM dailies between 16/12/1974 and 29/3/1975.