Monday, 12 November 2007

KFS 1946

I was asked to post stuff from my copy of the 1946 edition of King Features "Famous artists and writers".
So here is the intro to the book and two of my own favourite artists.
Since I don't have the time to scan all of the bios I will take requests for five more. Just name your favourite KFS artist in the comments field. Maybye Hilda Terry or Bela Zaboly are your faves? No? Alex Raymond or Don Flowers then?
Let me know and I'll try to upload them soon.

And I must also give an apology to many of you who has sent me emails over the past few weeks. I'm way behind in answering mail right now. But I'll get back to you soon. Promise!


Anonymous said...

Great promotional presentation pics! =)

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Great stuff! I'd love to see more of the obscure stuff... like Ray Baily or Charles Raab or any of the resident Caniff imitators. Then again, the Roy Crane page was everything one could hope for and I had never seen it!

King Features also had a great sunday magazine full of cartoons and illustrated stories by people such as Otto Soglow. Anything about that in the book? Anything about serilized illustrated stories (I remember to have seen some by Paul Norris and Edd Cartier, but don't know where or when).

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Neither Raab or Baily worked for KFS in '46.
So nothing there. And no coverage of the illustrators. Only comic artists and some writers.