Sunday, 4 November 2007

Last of the rabbits.

Here are the final three pages.
Please notice that these are up here for study only and for you to compare with Peets storyboards.
I've got the rest of Murrys run and I believe I've got all of Dick Moores too. However, lets hope it will all be collected in one big handsome volume someday. :)
(In English and black and white naturally... )
[Images removed]
BTW: Does anyone know why these sundays have screen tones? They were supposed to be printed in color. Maybe this is a version for newspapers running their sunday funnies in black and white?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Joakim!

I've been woefully out of touch lately. All kinds of things are going on and I'll hopefully get a chance to catch up with you over the weekend.
I can help you out on this Brer Rabbit question right now, though: virtually all pre-1960s Disney Sunday strips contain some gray ziptone shading, even in the versions that were sent out for use in full color. I've seen original color proofs when venturing around Disney, and they all have some ziptone areas here and there, presumably for extra shading or effect.
MICKEY MOUSE IN COLOR confuses the issue by erasing the ziptone. But it really was supposed to be there, even in color. Go fig...