Thursday 1 November 2007

Thursday update.

Yikes! I havn't made any update since monday!
Have been working and have started to work out at the gym again! :)

And since you asked for it here's another Brer Rabbit sunday. Thought I'd run the Tar baby story too. Just so that you can compare Bill Peets storyboards with the sunday version. Murrys art for these are some of the very best he did. And check out the inking. So fluid and yet controlled in it's looseness. Great stuff.
Here's the first page. The rest will follow.

And I have to mention that there's a new album out now (#38) with my favourite childrens comic character: the Danish "Rasmus Klump". (aka Petzi in Germany and Rasmus Nalle in Sweden.) If you are four or five years I can't think of any better comic to read. There are no villains just happy and exciting adventures. They eat pancakes all the time too! Weird and unexpected things happens in these stories and reding them as adult is just as entertaining as it was for me when I was four. Yes, when it comes to Rasmus Klump the child within me comes to live instantly.:)
Even though this new (The material is from the early 60's I believe) album isn't as great as the early stuff from the 50's it's still well worth buying. Go get it! (If you havn't read any Klump before start with the early stuff.)


Anonymous said...

How about some more of those beautiful Uncle Remus sunday pages?
They're very inspiring..!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the strips. I red this one when I was child... allmost forget about it. It's quite a strange impression