Monday 3 December 2007

eBay stuff

Have been busy lately so time hasn't permitted me to post much stuff from my own files.
But here are a few nice and rare things I found while checking eBay. I think you'll enjoy seeing them.

First out is a vintage Mickey Mouse drawing. I wonder who E.F. Hemmings was.

Then we have a super rare WDC&S subscribers premium:

And, oh, how I want this coloring book! Anyone who's got it? Some of the pieces ought to be reprinted in the Floyd Gottfredson library, so if you have a copy and want to help out: please let me or the editors at Gemstone know.

And to round off this post here's a drawing that's up for auction right now! The bidding has now passed $200 for this original drawing by Bill Wattafake.

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