Friday 28 December 2007


While best known for his illustration work during the 20's and 30's Russell Patterson made a few attempts as a comic artist. During the early 50's he did the sunday page Mamie. It's not as well drawn as his earlier stuff but it's fun to see him trying his hand at this art form. He also tried to sell a daily strip of wich a few examples are known to survive. Does any of you have examples? Please feel free to drop me a line. I'm interested in copies (Trading or buying) and buying original art from it.

Anyway, here are two season themed sundays from 1950, thanks to Andrew Pepoy who supplied me with color copies a few years ago.


Anonymous said...

Interesting to compare with the Patterson stuff you posted earlier. Such a smooth adaption to the Caniff/Sickles style. He's a master, no doubt. Amazing what you can do with drawing a curtain.

Anonymous said...

It's quite well drawn, but I have difficulties with his ways on drawing faces. It seems somewhat disturbing.

Håkan / Wakuran