Sunday 27 April 2008

Bob Lubbers - Tarzan

I mentioned Lubbers Tarzan yesterday so why not post some of his artwork from that strip. He began doing the artwork in the summer of 1950 and stuck with it until 1953 or 54. (Can't remember right now and my reference files are at home. )
I own three original dailies. Two from the Shark God sequence and one from a later storyline. As you can see the zip a tone is still grey with no yellowing from the glue. :)


Anonymous said...

It´s a pity that the adventure-strips have declined. They were so beautiful. Funny to se the marks for lettering on the side. Are they preprinted or was it some assistant who had to do them for every strip?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

The borders, the marks to the left and even the copyright notice was pre printed on Uniteds strips!
However since this was a Burroughs strip they had the copyright and thus there is an extra copyright notice pasted over the regular on these strips.