Friday, 25 April 2008

Bob Lubbers - Coloring the mood

I was flipping through my collection of Bob Lubbers Robin Malone sundays yesterday and I found some coloring examples that I just wanted to share with you.

What struck me the first time I saw a sunday page by Bob Lubbers was his use of color. Instead of coloring the page after a formula and giving skin tones to every human in every panel etc. he chose to make extensive use of color to express a feeling. Or to highlight something or to make the reader to focus on what's important.
By looking at these panels you can tell that he loved to experiment to get the reader in the right mood. Not only by words and pictures but by the coloring.

Here are a few examples. I hope you like them:
In the sample below you can really feel the distance between Adam and Robin, and how he's in his own world thinking for himself.

And since this was the late sixties here are two experiments with more psychedelic coloring. They sure made the page stand out from the rest of the sunday funnies... :)

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Andreas said...

This is beautiful, and deserving of a proper reprint collection.