Sunday, 20 April 2008

Who wrote this?

Now here's a question: Who wrote the following piece and when?
I know the answer but let's see if any Disney experts out there can figure out who the writer is. And wich year it's from.

Scrooge finds that he has cornered all the money in the world. He is no longer happy with no new money coming in.
He learns about a distant planet that seems to have a civilisation like our own. He hires a strange scientist to whip up a rocket capable of soaring to this far-off place...
There he hopes to start cornering all the money in the universe.
The scientist is a queer-acting guy that has an uncanny knowledge of rare metals. He later proves to be a native of the new planet who had crashed on Earth in an exploratory rocket from space. He is anxious to get back home to Planet Z, and takes off with Scrooge and the ducks before they have had time to load much of Scrooges fortune aboard.
On the new planet the ducks find many strange sights and things. Scrooge's money is worthless, but he learns the trick of their trading, and soon is fabously rich in Planet Z money.
[Text above has been slightly altered for this blog for different reasons.]

Any guesses? (No, Germund, you are not allowed to answer because I'll bet you know...)


Anonymous said...

Rune Andreasson? :-P

Anonymous said...

...Carl Barks?? :-)

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Carl Barks it is!
Early fifties I'd say since the document has a note saying it was intended for a future issue of US one-shot!