Saturday, 28 November 2009

Great stuff!

Hedvig is on the town with a friend this afternoon, so I'm having a lazy saturday in my apartment. Listening to the radio and enjoying the latest packages from the US and Netherlands.

Got the "Giga-Havank" book I mentioned a while ago and it's just as stunning as I had expected. Besides lots of character studies etc it got the entire 44 page album in rough pencil form. And the colored album itself has been re-formatted so that the panels are large and close to the format they were originally drawn.
And I was happy to see this drawing when I opened the book!
Thanks Daan!

The same package also contained the latest Elsje book by Hercules and Valkema!
This is the third collection of this superbly crafted strip.
And, Oy!, there's a drawing in this book too! :)
Thanks Gerben!

And from the US came some other nice books.

Now, I'm off to the couch to relax and enjoy these for the rest of the afternoon. :)

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Håkan / Wakuran said...

Haha, a Franquin Spirou still upset over his style being swiped. Not a very forgiving fellow, but maybe a swiping duck was a first.