Friday, 13 November 2009

This and that

Chilling on Hedvig's couch in Gothenburg at the moment. She's inking with her Wacom and we're drinking Tequila Rose Java Cream. A soft Friday evening in other words. :)

Thought I'd post a few random things. Like a goodie bag.
Something for everyone. :)

First off is a set of new drawings by Hedvig. These are taken from her latest blog post, where she also shows some artwork that she did with a friend when she was seven.

Next we have three original Scorchy Smith dailies by Frank Robbins. Won them in an auction yesterday. Wooha! These more than makes up for the one that was lost in the mail a few years ago. (Hmm... I still don't have them. Lets hope they make it safe across the Atlantic...) Will probably post some better scans when I get them.

It's still a few weeks until X-mas but if you want to get in the right mood already Andrew Pepoy has just released Simone & Ajax #23 online for free. Just click HERE. If you like good girl art and lemmings you're in for a treat!

One of mine and Hedvig's new favourite blogs is Sandro Cleuzo's Inspector Cleuzo blog.
Sandro is a really great artist and visiting his blog is very inspiring.

To round off this post with something really nerdy, here's something from the past.

During the Stockholm leg of Carl Barks' European tour in 1994, I had the pleasure to shake hands with the old maestro.
An this is me sticking a copy of Voodoo Hoodoo from 1949 in front of him, asking for a signature. The things you find on YouTube...

I remember how he put his fountain pen to the book and, yikes, it made a blot. But he was fast as lightning, pulling out a handkerchief (or was it a paper napkin), soaking it up not leaving a trace of the blot. Then calmly signing it. Needless to say that's a comic book that I really treasure.

At the same meeting I saw a (still) unpublished cover rough for "Which Witch Is Which?", and a half page from Silent Night rolled up in a pink plastic bag...


Mike Matei said...

You're lucky to have met Barks. What was your take on his reaction to lines of people waiting for his autograph? Being a private guy, I figure he had mixed emotions about doing that sort of thing.

Joakim said...

During this signing in Stockholm he seemd to enjoy himself. But who knows. I bet he was pretty tired after a while. But he was very professional and gave everyone a smile. He probably realized how important this was to the people gathering there.