Sunday, 1 November 2009

The ISV "festival"...

I'm back from the so called ISV "festival". Well, what was supposed to be a big fair with lots of comics was a small room with a few publishers and fanzines.
The doors were wide open out to the street, so it was like standing outside all of the time with no heat turned on inside. We had to wear winter coats and were freezing most of the time. The light in the room was bright white (with white walls were we weren't allowed to place any posters or signs etc.) and there was no cosy feeling at all.
It felt that there were pretty few visitors. Most of them having no idea why there were people selling comics. (It took place on the first floor of a design store located in an old building.)
I checked the sign outside and it proclaimed this was a masqerade. (!) You'd think it would say there was an exhibition going on and comics for sale. But no. I told one of the persons in charge and the reply was that's the way it is and no new sign was needed. I decided to shut up... Can't argue with someone who thinks a comic festival is a masquerade.
I bet they were all warm and cosy on the second floor where the small, small comics exhibition was. And I won't even mention the programming wich was a mess and almost insulting when it came to the "Nils the Cat" signings etc we were supposed to do.

Groan... I'll stop griping here.
I just HAD to write something down to get rid of my frustration...
No more ISV for me.


K-E Lindkvist said...

Joakim, I'd like to buy copies of both Katten Nils and Emma & Sara if there are any left!

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

You bet there are copies left! ;)
I'll save some for you!

K-E Lindkvist said...

Can I have them signed? Pretty please?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

You bet!
And I hope you won't bee too disappointed if someone has drawn something in them? ;)

PS. I hope Hedvig has mailed you, or I'll have to remind her. She's been pretty busy lately.

Unknown said...

I also want o buy them - mail me at mikke at komika dot se.

Jonas Lidström Isegim / Quadrante said...

Kan nog tänka mig ett par ex av katten nils. (olika ex alltså, för visst var det flera olika).

Erik said...

Jag vill gärna ha Katten Nils-tidningarna (ett ex av varje nr alltså)!
Och jag kan acceptera nåt kludd också, jag är ingen skicksamlare. :-)

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Here's some info, in Swedish (If you live outside Sweden send me a mail and I'll let you know the price and total including postage.)
for those interested in getting E&S and Nils the Cat comics:

Jag har kvar ex av alla tre häftena!
E&S #4 kostar 30:-
Nils 1 och 2 kostar 10:- styck.
Vill man ha alla tre blir portot 24:-
=totalt 74:-
Vill man bara ha E&S #4 blir totalen 54:-
Vill man bara ha Nils 1 och 2 blir totalen 32:- (Bara 12:- i porto på de då de inte väger så mycket.)

Pengarna kan sättas in på mitt konto i
Swedbank (8214-9) 993 835 195-5
eller skicka pengarna i ett kuvert till
Joakim Gunnarsson
Friisgatan 15b
214 21 Malmö

Mejla mig gärna din adress när du satt in pengarna. (Så jag inte glömmer bort att kolla mitt konto...) E-postadressen är sekvenskonst at telia punkt com

Kul att ni är intresserade! :)