Friday, 6 August 2010

Frank Robbins x 3

As promised yesterday, here are three great original Johnny Hazard dailies by Frank Robbins. From 1944, 1947 and 1954. All from the collection of Bill Peckmann.
Of the three dailies here the one from 1947 is my favorite. It doesn't get much better than this. Here Robbins really showed that he could do the Caniff/Sickles style with a stunning result. And he even did it better than Caniff and Sickles themselves...

As a bonus: Here's what the back of the 1947 daily looks like. :)

And speaking of Robbins, anyone who has seen this original Scorchy Smith daily anywhere?
I won it on eBay many years ago, but it never reached me. So any hints on it's whereabouts are welcome.


Germund said...

Gorgeous rare dailies!

Ola Hammarlund said...

The 1947 one is my favorite too. It's Robbins at his best. Look at the inking!

Germund said...

Yep, the 1947 one is a beauty. I have never thought of it before, but sometimes these early Robbins are similar to Kurtzman's style. Look at Mac's face in the third panel, with the thick, distinct lines ... Separated from the rest of the strip, I wouldn't have bet any money that it wasn't from a Kurtzman page.