Wednesday 25 August 2010

"Where there's smoke" Part I

Today it's exactly 10 years ago that the good artist, Carl Barks, passed away.
To remember him we'll bring you the first part (of three) of one of his Junior Woodchucks scripts: "Where there's smoke" from JW #16. The story was later penciled by Kay Wright and inked by Larry Mayer for publication.
While Barks pencils has been reproduced in black and white in the Carl Barks Library I don't think they have been seen in color anywhere before. These pencils are from the collection of Bill Peckmann who also scanned them. Thanks for sharing, Bill!

To be continued ...

1 comment:

Andrea said...

I am so happy I am finally able to see these scans in color. I have those printed in B/W but, obviously, color version is a completely different story.
I’ve found single pages, here and there, but to be able to see an entire script….well, that’s really a treat.
Thanks, Joakim, and thanks to Bill Peckmann too!!!
The final dream of any Barks’ fan would be to have them all in a nice publication; including King Scrooge the first, of course.
Will ever come the time for this?
Again, thanks for sharing.