Tuesday 17 August 2010

"These top cartoonists" Part III

Time for another round of cartoonists biographies from the 1963 book "These top cartoonists tell how they create America's favorite comics".
This time Phil Davis of "Mandrake" fame and Gus Arriola who was the creator of Gordo.

Michael Sporn posted scans of an original Gordo sunday, from the collection of Bill Peckmann, a while ago. So if you want to seee a fine example of Arriola's Gordo just click HERE.

Barks stuff
Myself, I'm currently writing a piece that might be of interest to all Barks enthusiasts out there. It's about the stories Carl Barks rewrote from earlier stories in the late 50's and early 60's. Well, I've known about those for years and years, you might say. Actually, I'm writing only about the plots and ideas for rewrites that never went beyond the plot stages! The unfinished rewrites.
I have access to some of these plots/ideas for how earlier stories could be reworked, but that was never turned into final script and artwork.
And I'd be more than happy to see more than the seven I have access to. These notes usually begins with a sentence like: "Adaptation of Sept 1948 story" or "Formula from Oct 1948". So if you have any you want to share please let me know. I know they are out there. :)
Will be happy to trade with scans of other unpublished Barks plots etc.
The rewrite ideas I have access to are the following: WDC 32, 78, 79, 96, 97 and 98. Plus how a 1951 Li'l Bad Wolf story could be made into a Duck story! :)

And for an unpublished Gyro Gearloose plot from 1974, written by Barks for Gutenberghus in Denmark, head over to Peter Kyllings Barks site! Just click HERE.
The plot was made into a script by Albert Cosser and drawn by Vicar. First published in 1976. See inducks entry for D3360. The story was heavily edited, I might add. But still, it's interesting to compare the two versions.

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Andreas said...

Notice how Phil Davis gives credit to his wife Martha for "rendering" (I suppose that's the same as inking?) In other articles she has been credited for designing the dresses worn by the female characters in the strip, and of course for finishing Phil's last stories, after he passed away.