Monday, 14 January 2008

Early Hazard

My friend Germund von Wowern asked me to put this panel on my blog:

Now what's this?
Here is what Germund wrote on Comicartfans:
"My guess is that this is a panel from a Johnny Hazard daily drawn before the strip actually began. It features an alternative version of a scene talking place approximately a month into the run of the strip (July 7, 1944), where Hazard first meets beautiful photographer Brandy - a key moment in Hazard-ous history. The drawing style indicates that it's an exceptionally early example and the number "2" in the lower left corner that it's the second daily in a sequence. The first month of Hazard dailies presented an introductory airplane/air battle sequence establishing the strip and characters, but it's not until this scene with Brandy that Robbins began exploring the relationships and interplay between characters in the strip. This might therefore have been the first scene Robbins nailed down when he was planning his new feature."

If you want to compare the panel above with the published art just take a look here:

Now, what both I and Germund are wondering: are there more Robbins try-out panels around? Are there any sketches, unpublished strips etc. by Robbins surviving from this period?

As we are on the Frank Robbins topic: Has anyone seen the paintings he did in Mexico after he retired? Or any of his paintings at all? What happened to all of his artworks after he passed away?
If any members of the Robbins family reads this I'd love tho hear from you.

Just mail me at
sekvenskonst /at/ telia dot com

That address also works if you have seen this:
It lost in the mail a few years ago. If you see this for sale, in your collection or at auction please don't hesitate to contact me.
I'm actually still looking for a "new" Scorchy by him and a nice Hazard daily.

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