Friday, 4 January 2008

Some stuff

Time to dig in the drawers for some of my own stuff.
This page I did for the back cover of the tabloid "Seriekonst" about two years ago. The print run was 30.000 copies and it featured nothing but comics. Given away free at conventions and museums and all kind of places made it a pretty well circulated publication. But I guess there still are e few piles left...
Anyhow, this seems to be the single page I've done that people actually have liked. "Do more stuff like this." they generally say. Hopefully I'll do a few more. Someday...
It's always nice to hear people say nice things about your work.

And here's a rough translation in case you don''t read Scandinavian:
1) Sigh... I'm so lonely and unhappy that I lose my fur.
2) Ha! Ha! Look at stupid. He loses his fur!
Title: Andres Lokko loses his fur (Lokko is BTW a swedish journalist but that has absolutely nothing to do with this story.)
3)Ha! Ha! We'll build a boat out of it and sail over him. Yeah, thats what happends when you are lonely and unhappy!
4) Look he went... Into two pieces!
5) I kick one of them to Turkey.
6) And I eat the other one!
7) Look!!! You are puking money!
8) Swell! Then we can buy a bomb and blow up the earth! Horray!
9) The best Andres in the world! They like me!

As you can see I was very inspired by George herrimans Krazy kat when I did this page. And I even included Krazy, Ignats and Ms. Kwak Kwak (?)
About the bottom tier: Herriman had a little extra gag on the bottom of his sunday pages in the later run of Krazy. So I decided to add one here too. No translation needed here I guess. I was thinking about sending a copy to Art Spiegelman but I never got around to do so. If anyone is in touch with him feel free to tell him about it. I hope he won't sue me for using his Maus alter ego. His use of old characters was also an inspiration when I did this page. As you can see the two kids are "updated/mangafied" versions if the Katzenjammer Kids. One of the ideas with this page was to let old and new meet.

This page came into beeing when Gunnar Krantz, editor of "Seriekonst" asked me to do something for the tabloid. I really had no time and hesitated both once and twice. I really had no idea what to do. Then I remembered an old one page that I had begun in 1996 or 1997. I never finished it back then due my lack of knowing how to draw. Honestly, drawing is still an uphill battle for me but back then even more so.
Just look at this unpublished first attempt. I'm glad I saved it for later...

While I'm at it: here are a few drawings that I found next to the page above.
The Louise Brooks Space Agent drawing I remember doing at an airport in france just after the Angouleme convention in 2004. My thought must have been "Wouldn't it be cool if Louise Brooks was reanimated as a part robot part human and placed in the future space and..." Well just one of those would be ideas that never will get further than one drawing.
The Bamse drawing was made a few years after I had stopped doing artwork for Bamse as a freelancer. Just to see if I still could draw him. But I knicked the layout from a Barks panel. Wich one? I've forgotten, but I think that it featured Donald and the nephews instead of Bamse and Lille Skutt.
Anyhoo: Enjoy!

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