Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Malin & Co.

Here's a swedish comic strip that most of you haven't heard about before. (Not even if you are a swede.)
This strip "Malin & Co." by Nadja Perkiö (b. 1979) has been running for nearly 8 years now, every other week in the girls magazine "Julia". (Yes, the same magazine that runs "Emma & Sara".)
Unfortunately I don't have any translations, but for those of you who can read swedish I just wanted to show you this "unknown" comic strip. Unknown that is, if you're not a swedish girl between 8 and 13. Then you probably have read it before.
I hope Nadja don't mind me showing a few samples here on the blog. Some of these really had me laughing my head off. Enjoy!
(Click on the pics to enlarge.)


Jimmy Wallin said...

Jag har hört talas om att det ska finnas någon mer "vuxen" version av den serien. Vet du något om det? Du kanske rent av har något exempel från den?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Kanske nåt för din blog?
Jag är faktiskt den lycklige ägaren till originalet till vuxen-versionen! Det du! :)