Wednesday, 9 January 2008


I was gonna blog about (and show some nifty samples of) Charles Raabs version of "The Adventures of Patsy" and how Caniff and Sickles both influenced him and helped him out + how bad it got in the end and how even worse it got when George Storm took over the strip. But my brain is way to muddy now. Got too little sleep last night. Watch for it later this week or next. And I'll try to illustrate it with plenty of rare samples.

In the meantime here's something to wet your appetite for the upcoming Gottfredson collections. Two nice dailies from 1943 showing the master at his peak. And they are pretty funny too. :)


PS. Got my Li'l Bad Wolf panels today! Great stuff! A margin note says 5A so this must once have been the top half of page 5.

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