Saturday, 12 January 2008

Random Photo Day

It's time for "Random photo day"
Lets go:

Here's a nice x-mas gift I got from my friend Andrew Pepoy. An original page from Katy Keene drawn by him.
If you want to see more of his stuff or even buy your own piece of good girl art just follow the link to his site in the link list to the right.

Then we have two photos that I took a few days ago when I went through my piles of original art. Some pieces are large and buried under other artwork. Like the four pages of Paul Murry artwork seen here. Or the two Scamp pages by Al Hubbard that's covered by some pigs in the photo below. Oink and woof!

Below you see a panel in progress from an upcoming "Emma & Sara" episode. My cleanup in blue pencil from Hedvigs rough. Then the page that we finished today. Just the logo missing in this photo and some black to be added digitally.

And finally something that's funny only if you can read Swedish. Saw this next to Folkets Park here in Malmö. :)

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