Thursday, 10 January 2008


Ahh... having browsed through a pile of vintage Gottfredson dailies today, this is one of my favorites from 1943.
This golf bag strip from January 16 shows how good he was at timing.
Mickey keeps the same happy face through the whole strip but it's the look at the reader in the *second* panel that does it for me. Normally an inexperienced artist/writer would have made Mickey look at the reader in the final panel to under state that this is the funny part. Instead he places that look in the second panel as a "I'm clever but you don't know what I'm up to." from Mickey. Having done that in the second panel it makes the end much more fun that it otherwise would have been. (Sorry if I can't explain this properly. Hope you get my point anyway.)

Now I gotta get some sleep.
Have work to do tomorrow.

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