Saturday, 19 January 2008


Don't miss Disney's B'rer Rabbit Hops Into the Funny Pages by Wade Sampson over at Mouse Planet! Some interesting reading about the weekly Uncle Remus comics.

Got the new "Where's Dennis?" book from Fantagraphics yet? You should. It contains a treasure of old gag cartoons like this one from Collier's. It's actually from the very same issue as the cover I showed earlier. It appears in the book, but without color.

And while you are at it, why not order the "Betsy and me" book by Jack Cole. Got both books myself yesterday. :)


David Gerstein said...

Being a Yank under the devaluated dollar, I can't do much book-buying at the moment. Especially as I just shelled out far too much for an Oswald stuffed animal. (-:
On the other hand, your blog seems as good a place as any to direct you to this:

(That's Hearst publishing the Katzenjammer Kids in one of his German language papers in 1908... dropping all pretenses and simply calling them Max and Moritz! Thanks to Alfredo Castelli, who helped me with background research for the Katzies article that's up on Scoop this week.)

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I have Betsy and Me and I guess the Ketcham book is waiting for me at the shop. I hope it will include his late fiftiesn series for True: "It's only your imagination".

Still, I don't understand Fantagraphics. Why bring out a collection of Betsy and Me and not include all the sundays and call it a complete collection as well! I have one Betsy sunday that wasn't inlcuded, so I had a look and I saw that quite a few dates were missing. and in the accompanying text no starting or closing dates for the sundays were given. Did the sundays stop when the new artist took over?