Sunday 17 February 2008

Elsje and Havank

A few weeks ago a thick package from dutch comic book artist Gerben Valkema arrived in my mailbox.
Among loads of good stuff there was a signed copy of his new Elsje album. And I just have to share the drawing from the inside cover with you:

The album itself looks like this and is 68 pages filled with Elsje strips, three to a page in color.

And here's part of the back cover featuring the writer, Eric Hercules along with Elsje and Gerben. Make sure to click on the picture to enlarge. Gerbens style reminds me of great artists like Walt Kelly, Franquin and Daan Jippes and the album is well worth having even if you don't understand dutch. Just looking at the artwork is inspiring!
You can find more info and artwork at

And speaking of Jippes, there was also a copy of his Havank album in the package! (See previous posts.) Also signed with a great drawing!!! Thanks, Daan and Gerben! I really appreciated the albums! :)

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