Sunday 3 February 2008

I'm back!

-Were have you been?
-What have you done?
-How could you leave us?
Yeah, I know you've been wondering...

1. I've been away to Angouleme and other exotic places. Some sunny, some rainy.
2. I've had fun and I've been bored. Not neccesarely in that order.
3. I've had a cold (And I still do... Ka-tchooooo!!!) and I've been just way too tired to blog or work or do anything between my travelling.

But, hey, I'm back and I've got so much to show you.
How about some pix from Angouleme and some Frank Robbins paintings?
Check back soon and I'll start posting again. Maybe tomorrow. Who knows?
(Actually, it depends on if the scanner is free in the studio. Would have posted stuff today if I had the opportunity.)



Anonymous said...

Yay! You're back!

sofia falkenhem said...

How about some Angouleme pics for us losers who were unable to go there?