Friday 15 February 2008

The paintings of Frank Robbins

Here are some photos I found in Cartoonist Profiles 8, Nov. 1970.
I have long wondered what Frank Robbins paintings looked like and now I know. Or at least what they look like in black and white... Anyone with color photos of his paintings? This issue also features a long interview whith Robbins about his hobbies and working methods. Interesting and a must have if you are into his stuff.

My friend Germund pointed out to me that Bill Wright probably was inspired by a story by Ray Bradbury when he wrote the story I posted earlier this week. Dunno what the original title was but it was adapted into an EC story called "A Sound of Thunder" in Weird Science-Fantasy #25 1954. The artwork was by Al Williamson who also drew the cover for the story. Wich you, ta-da, can see below. These EC's has been reprinted umteen zillion times so there's no excuse for you to not own at least an nice set of Kurtzmans war books, the early Mad magazines and the Science fiction books. Some really good stories and artwork in those.


Unknown said...

Well, the name of the story was (is) indeed A Sound of thunder. It's pretty famous.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I'm just way too lazy when it comes to do the research myself. Glad you checked it for me. :)