Thursday 14 February 2008

Modern Art and Moppe!

Damn, I had promised Germund to put a few of Frank Robbins paintings om my blog today but forgot the pics at home. I'll try to remember tomorrow...

Until then here's another Floyd Gottfredson daily on the same subject as the last one. Evidently he (or his writers) had something against modern art. (Or more likely, they just liked to poke fun at it.) This one is from 1956.


Below is an interior "cover" for "Lille Rikard och hans katt" that I made last year. If you want to see it in glorious color, it appears in Bamses äventyr #14 wich should be out in the stores any day now. That issue has improved paper quality and looks reeeeally good! If I may say so myself, beeing the editor too... :)

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