Thursday, 27 March 2008


Ever heard of a swedish newspaper strip about a little black girl named Ba-Ba?
It was written and drawn by Sten Rinaldo and syndicated by himself from the 30's into the 50's.
The son of Sten Rinaldo contacted me and Svenskt Seriearkiv a while ago and we now have plans to do a book featuring the best of the strip. The family has lots of material in their posession but unfortunateley very few originals and the printed material mostly dates from early in the run.
So, that's were you can help.
Do you know where the strip was published?
Was it published in USA or other countries?
(We know that it was published in Finland and in an african country.)
Do you have tearsheets with the strip that we could borrow?
Or scans that we could get access to?
Or even original art?
Any help regarding finding material from the strips long run will be appreciated.

Here are some rather bad scans from a photo of some original Ba-Ba (or Baba) dailies. (The first pic in this post is taken from Seriewikin. Originally published in Stockholms-Tidningen 1951.)

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David King said...

These aer beautiful strips! I hope you're able to track down a lot more of them