Friday, 28 March 2008

Work in progress

I've been working in the studio trying to finish Emma & Sara #175 today. I'm not the fastest artist around so it takes some time for me to finish a page. But now it's only one panel left. :)
Then I have to write the next one, draw that, write the next, draw that... Anyway, here's another soon to be finished panel from the same page:

Spent some time at work today coming up with a new logo for Rune Andréasson's "Lille Rikard". I guess you can see were I got my inspiration? Hint: Check your early issues of a particular Disney title when it was still a Four Color One-Shot comic. :)What the rest of the cover looks like must still be kept a secret. But look for it in color in Bamses Äventyr #16 out this summer.

I't Friday evening here in Sweden and I really should get something to eat before I starve to death. (The last thing I ate was two pizza slices for lunch...)
The more I think of it the hungrier I get. So I'd better head home now. Maybe I should read my original 1934 Roy Crane Wash Tubbs strip, that arrived in the mail a few days ago, while eating? Maybe I should stop bragging about it and just go home? Maybe so...


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To quote Robert Crumb, once again:

Or even sitting down to draw another comic page...
-"Gaasp. I can't breathe!"

(Later bar scene.)
-Yeah, hell, life's an existential deal, isn't it.
-Sure as shittin'!