Sunday, 9 March 2008

E&S update

Here's an update from the Emma & Sara camp.
Hedvig has just done the first E&S page that she both wrote and pencilled. She's usually only doing the pencils so this will actually be her first script to see print!
Myself I always stick to my brushes and nibs but for this page I've thrown them all away and will ink it with ... oh, horror ... felt tip pens! Never thought I'd do that. Too modern for me I guess. ;) However, it goes much, much faster to ink this way, so that's a great advantage. Half of the page is finished and here's a sneak peek. Enjoy!

BTW: Here's something more classic. And something that I wish I could have afforded. A Charlie Chan strip by Alfred Andriola. Just look at all the beautiful ink that he poured over the drawing paper. :) I think Alex Toth once said that he got a daily from Andriola and given the inscription on this daily this might be the one! Lucky guy or gal who's got this one!

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