Saturday 29 March 2008

Wash Tubbs 1934

Remember the 1934 Roy Crane "Wash Tubbs" strip I mentioned yesterday. I spilled half my blueberry soup over the original while eating yesterday evening. The art is now a blue mess...
Fortunately I had a few snapshots taken before the disaster.
This should be a lesson to everybody: do not read your original art while eating. Terrible things can happen.

Anyway here are some "Before" pics... Nice, eh?

I was only kidding. The original is safe and I did *not* eat blueberry soup anywere close *any* piece of original art. I just wrote the above to upset my Crane obsessed friend Germund for a second. :)
I'm mean, ain't I?


Anonymous said...

You are so mean, mister Joakim! XD

Anonymous said...

Germund's poltergeist apologizes that it due to his recent heart attack will not be able to reply to the post above. On the positive side, he'll now be able to spend an eternity in Joakim's drawers protecting his artwork from similar incidents.
/anonymous spokesman for the Germund estate

Anonymous said...

OMG! I think my heart stopped ticking there, for a few seconds! :-)