Sunday 15 June 2008

Asterix by Jippes

Regarding the previous Daan Jippes posts one of the blog readers had a question:

I'm a Belgian fan of comics. I'd like to contact daan Jippes. Could you help me, or forward my email address to him. A friend of mine does have an original page of Astérix (unpublished). I'm 90% sure it's Daan's work. I'd like him to confirm. Please, if you can help me ... Dominique"

While I don't have Daans e-mail maybe we can solve the question right here and now. :)

If it is one of the following two pages it's by him:

Daan wrote the following in response to my question about his Asterix pages previously on this blog:
"[...] happy to oblige re the questions around the "why"of those 2 Asterix pages I drew in the spring of 1981.
An agency in Amsterdam got wind of Editeurs Albert/Rene`s plans for a monthly Asterix magazine, and contacted me to do the art for a 32 page story, for which Lo Hartog van Banda ( ex- Marten Toonder Studios) had already done a synopsis, plus script for pages 1 to 4.
All I know ( because at the time I was living in Van Nuys, California) is that the work was submitted for approval to a guy in Bruxelles, Belgium, and then....zilch; nothing!
As we all know that magazine never saw the light. Was my effort ever SEEN by Uderzo? One wonders..."

Dominique: I hope this gives an answer to if the page is one of Jippes or not. Please let us know.

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Chris Sobieniak said...

At least new Asterix stories are being done at all these days!