Sunday 8 June 2008

Gottfredson 1968

A quick question:
I own the original art to this promotional piece drawn by Floyd Gottfredson in 1968.
Anyone who knows where/if this was published?

Notice that unlike most of the later Gottfredson art this piece doesn't have yellowed zip-a-tone. Instead only blue indicating where the dot pattern should be added. Also notice that the board has been cut of to the left. (The thin blue line that "frames" the drawing is clearly cut off, indicating something's missing.) Maybe the parade continued with the ducks etc. after Mickeys car? Does that art still exist?
Any Disney publisher who wants to use this? Feel free to let me know.


Dr. Brignone said...

I was bidding on this item on eBay: I lost, but I remember the seller said it was published in a Disneyland advertisement. Actually I was remembering the advertisement was part of the lot... wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

No it wasn't included. But now I know where to look for it! Thanks!