Sunday 1 June 2008

Sky Doll

Spent the saturday in Copenhagen at
Lots of artists/writers and fans there. Myself, I made an exception and I waited in line to get a book signed. Used to do that a lot when I was younger. But nowdays I just get tired of waiting in lines.
But... it's not everyday Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa is visiting scandinavia. :)
If you don't know who they are you probably havn't heard of Sky Doll either so here are two teasers. These are the covers to album 1 and 3. #1 should be out now in USA and here are several different european editions available.

And here thay are, hard at work, doing drawings in the newly released danish editions of Sky Doll.

And here we have the one they made for me. :)

I BTW just found the photos I took at the, now non-existant, archive in Hemmets Journals old building. The archive used for the swedish Kalle Anka & C:o (Donald Duck & Co.) art dept...
Look for them here in a day or two.


Bob Cowan said...

The top image is fantastic! A very different "look" and I hope it does well!
Thanks for putting it up!

Anonymous said...

There was an excerpt of Sky Doll in the latest (or one of the latest) issue(s) of, I found out when I went to Copenhagen recently.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, in issue #49, - Læs Free Comics

In Danish, but even if you don't understand that language, you could still admire the artwork.

Ed said...


P.S.: congrats for the blog. Interesting!!!!!!!

Silvio Spotti said...

I think this blog rules.
It gets better and better.
I´m adicted to it.
Don´t know why but all the good and diferent artists are in europe.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, checked out the Free Comics sample now, and I must say these artists seem very manga-inspired, judging by the look of the heroine's suggestive poses... ^,^