Sunday, 8 June 2008

Spirou by Danier

A big thanks to Timo who directed me to these two Spirou pages drawn by Daan Jippes under the name Danier, written by him and Yann and translated into french by Etienne.

Daan: This is really wonderful tribute!
Maybe a longer Spirou story some day ?
Until then I'm looking forward to a second Havank album. :)

And don't forget to check out Daans first Havank album. Some samples can be found if you use the Labels function. (Just click on Daans name below.) Just did that myself and realized that I had missed one comment from Daan regarding one of his childhood drawings.
Daan: I got the Chlorophylle scan +several others from a guy who had purchased some of your early sketchbooks. (Can't remember who it was who sent them to me. It was many years ago.)

Update July 2012:
Page 2, from the Galerie Laqua site.

[Edit: Please see the comments for Jippes "story behind the story" about these pages.]


Anonymous said...

Hey Joakim,
Ger Apeldoorn alerted me to the fresh new questions raised on your well appreciated blog about some of my recent work.
Maybe you can quote me?

Spirou: Observing the weekly Spirous impending 70th birthday one day last September gave me an idea for a shirt Spirou story; a story where he and fantasia reminisce , from a 1957 perspective on their first years with a young artist named Andre Franquin.
A story executed in three different Franquin-stylistic renditions, from 1946, ’51 and ’ 57.
The idea appealed to Spirou’s editor in chief, who assigned me Etienne Gilfillan as editor.
Who, in turn, asked Yann to assist. Yann showed a differently flavoured take on my script, which –politically savvy, I believed- would have been unwise for me to ignore.
I incorporated his ideas the best I could, ending up with a longer story that I felt I had to pare down. I had a deal for 5 pages, at twelve panels a page.
Still, a pleasing story. Editor in chief adored it. I got paid. A corporate itch then shrugged off the editor in chief, to replace him with… another editor in chief. Who, surprise, surprise, dismissed everything the former one believed in. Exit my story.
Apparently Yann got really miffed. My guess is he contacted Casemate, a glossy monthly specialized in reporting about BD in France. Something like BoDoi.
Casemate requested permission from Dupuis to run my story, but was only granted that for two pages out of the five. Yann selected page 1A, 4A and B, and 5B.
Let me tell you, the ‘story‘ in this arrangement doesn’t make any sense.
On top of which they spelled my AKA like Banier. Debacle complet!
The translation from my English is Etienne’s, not Yann’s.
The two pages you show here are lifted from Casemate nr 4, the may issue.
Meanwhile this month Havank will be published in French, by Glenat.
And ‘Danier’ is busy trying to meet his September deadline delivering all the material to his Dutch publisher for Havank 2. He is only halfway the process. This time around he realised that, at twelve panels a page, his approach is more labour intensive than the one he picked for tome 1.

Best, Daan

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Interesting to read the story behind the story, Daan! Seems like a total mess all that happened after you turned in the story.
I really hope the complete version will see print some day.

I've been reading the first Havank album like a child would do. That means, just reading the story by looking at the pictures and understanding bits and pieces of the text. But still an entertaining "read". :)

Great to hear about he Glenat deal! Let's hope that an english edition will be available in the future too. (Since my french is just as bad as my dutch, unfortunately.)


Anonymous said...

Or you could learn basic Dutch. Not too hard for a Swede...

(If the mountain cannot come to Muhammed...)

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Daan showed the five page version around to some people here in Holland and stylisticly it was really something else. I am glad to see the two page version pop up in Casemat, a new French magazine for two of the editors of BoDoï. I actually think it is slightly better than the five page version, because that really was a strange mixture of two writer's ideas. I would have preferred Daan's own...

He recently published an oversized version of the first part of the next Havank story (original size), refitted to six panels a page. Either I am getting used to this or it reads a lot better than the first story. I hope Daan finishes this story and many more soon. If you look around you may be able to find some pictures from it on the web...

Cap A said...


I'm a Belgian fan of comics. I'd like to contact daan Jippes. Could you help me, or forward my email address to him. A friend of mine does have an original page of Astérix (unpublished). I'm 90% sure it's Daan's work. I'd like him to confirm. Please, if you can help me ... Dominique

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there some unpublished Jippes' Asterix pages on this blog, earlier?

Anonymous said...

Hi Joakim. Galerie Laqua posted another page of the original five pages story on their website :

It's really good, I hope we'll be able to read the whole story sometime soon.

I copied the Daan explanations on two french forums today with a link to your blog - I can remove it if you prefer.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Zozo: Thanks for the heads up about the Spirou page. Wish I could afford one of those...

And thanks for linking to my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is up on InediSpirou now.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Thanks for alerting me! :)

Anonymous said...

Another Jippes page on this blog (the article is an April fool)

And some more drawings on this forum

Anonymous said...

Donald Duck and... The Marsupilami ?!;topic=9429.0;attach=25457;image