Monday 7 July 2008

Kelly's Mother Goose Pt. II

No, it's Little Johnny Green.


Anonymous said...

"Git down there, you incrediwockle quiet deestroyer... rousin' me 'round midnight wid meeyowlin' an' other sedoocious noisism."

"But I cotched yo' mice for you, Mr. Albert— YEOWP" (SPLASH)

"An' dat's th' other part... you cotched dem boys an' ATE 'em... widout ever ASKIN me if I WANTED ANY. Fie, says I. Also Faugh! An' Fugue, gettin' bach to basics. An' further mo'..."

"Excuse me, brother, if I remove this cat from his preedicament— easy now... THERE."

"Whutever you says, Peanie Brickle, it all right with— WOWP, you done rescue th' pestiferous feline I try to rid myself of. Bounder don't begin to describe you... I gone call th' poleece immedjit. HALP— *halp!* Hey, elephant, whut you chase ME for?"

"Fo' drowndin' dat poor animule, natcherally— an' dat don't BEGIN to get into th' screams for John Law. It time you moved to anudder preecinct, you villain, an' change yo' name to an ALIEN."

"Fix yo' pernunciation, Jumbo. But very well, I now J-O-H-N-N-Y G-R-E-E-N. Dat hide me absolute... soon no folks know I is an alligator, even you."

"How th' species change work I ain't sure, but as long as we rid of him. Eh, cat?"

"MEEOW! Mah voice am back! An' th' name is NILS, elephant boy."

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Ha, ha!
I know who you are. :)