Tuesday 22 July 2008

Pen and Ink #2, Part III

Here's the third part (of five) of the 1924 issue of pen and ink, featuring a spread by H. T. Webster. Anyone who has more issues and wants to share?

And, for no reason at all, here are four small drawings I made in 2002 - 2003. :)

[The text on hte colored one reads: Hi-diddeli-dee! Gun-Marie on adventures.
The text on the one in the left corner reads: Hi! I'm cool. –"I hardly sketch at all."]


Anonymous said...

I've never thought about how "Holdaway" really is a cool expression...

Oskar Forsgren said...

Nice! The Holdaway-inspired illustration almost looks even more like Neville Colvin-style.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Oskar!
I've always prefered Holdaways and Colvins work on Modesty. They have the same feeling for the character. Burns did a damn good job on the strip too. Unfortunately his stint on the strip was way too short.
Romero did an Ok job the first year on the strip, but his second run just looks terrible, terrible in my eyes.
I can't understand why people are buying his original dailies when they could have a Holdaway.
Got three nice Holdaways myself. :)