Saturday 12 July 2008

Rip Kirby cover x2

Tried to find the early Rip Kirby stories by Alex Raymond in my bookshelf today when I stumbled upon this cover.

Digging further down the pile of old comic books this one turned up!

This is the cover of Agent X9 published more than 20 years after the above cover. The same illustration used again to a different story! Also, notice how different the colors reproduce on the two versions, even if they obviously are taken from the same painting.

I don't know who made the cover art but it was based on this panel, found in Toppserien.

And speaking of Raymond I wrote a short review of Tom Roberts book on Amazon a few days ago:
"Just a quick review for those of you still hesitating wether you should buy this book or not.
Buy it! I'd say.
It's loaded with rare artwork and photos of Raymond in action.
The selection of drawings are not the usual dailies or sunday pages (Even if there are a few of those too.) but it's mostly rare and/or previously unseen stuff. Several of these "unpublished" pieces has actually appeared in Russ Cochrans "Graphic Gallery", but that was a long time ago.

One thing that bothered me was that all of the black and white line art drawings had been reproduced in a way that they look like "grey" drawings instead. Raymonds sharp ink lines has been changed into grey lines where the pixels shows. (If you own the book: Take a close look again if you don't believe me.)
The black and white images could have been so much sharper reproduced.
Too bad on an otherwise excellent book."

Let's hope someone will do a complete reprint of Raymonds ten years on the strip.
But then... make sure the black and white line art is scanned properly and is sharp. OK? :)



Anonymous said...

The X9 people did a good job spicing up the cover!

Anonymous said...

I agree.
It got more punch in it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Semic sometimes used spanish artists. There was one swedish artist who could have made this. His name was Thornberg, Thunberg, something. Sometimes he signed his work with "Th" but often not. He made many covers for books and magazines in the 60´s and 70´s.