Sunday 27 July 2008

More pencils

Still way to hot here to work, but I managed to do a bit of penciling today anyway.
I usually stay away from drawing guys in Emma & Sara because... most of the guys I draw tends to look more like girls than guys. And I had to make him kinda cute because Sara says hes "cute, cute, cute cuuuuuute!" a few panels before these...
Well, you be the judges if I succeded or not.

[Yes, I know she says "vänstra hand" ="left hand". Gotta change the dialouge or the hand.]

They are showing Persepolis in Folkets Park here in Malmö at 22.00 tonight. Admission is free, so get there if you're in town. But leave a seat for me. OK?

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Anonymous said...

It'd probably be easier to change the dialogue. It looks a little indecent before her clothes are on, btw.