Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Chanticleer storyboards?

Today I'm posting a few odd Disney items I've found on the net.

First a set of drawings that I saw on eBay. The seller credited them to T.Hee and I guess these are from the unproduced Disney film "Chanticleer and the Fox"?
Now, that's the one unproduced feature that I'd really would like to see a coffee table book devoted to. I just hope there's still artwork left in the Walt Disney Archives to make that possible.

Second we have two pages from a script from a 1953 Donald Duck Album (OS #450). The published artwork was made by Tony Strobl, but I have no idea who wrote this or did these scribbles. I'm posting them here so maybe someone in the Inducks group can identify the writer based on the style. (It's currently for sale on line, but I can't find the web address at the moment.)

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