Monday, 17 August 2009

Sangor Shop artist ID?

Now, here's some more stuff that needs to be identified.
I bought a chunk of original pages last week and among them were these four "Puss and Toots" pages.
All I know is that they are from the Sangor Shop and that I like them a lot. :)
(The style looks very familar, but I can't put my finger on where I've seen it before.) I guess they were drawn by an animator since the Sangor Shop had several Disney/Warner people working for them? So all of you animation fans out there, please give me your 2 cents. :)

Also, if anyone can tell me where they were published - you deserve a gold medal.


Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Want my own two cents?
I can't make up my mind if it's Ken Hultgren, Al Hubbard, Gil Turner or Ray Patin. Or more likely a mix of two of them under the influence of the others.

Dave said...

Just read your assessment and got a big smile . . .

. . . I was going to say Hultgren pencils with Hubbard inks!!

Steven Rowe said...

I'm waiting to go into the comic room, and see if the story is signed before I say anything (looks like this will be Barnyard Comics #1, but we'll see). i thhink the Hultgren yall see is corrections (i should say that the date of this story is when Hubbard was Hultgren's inker, so that's possible)

Dave said...

Hi Steve (Dave Bennett here!)----

I checked the first 5 issues of Barnyard and didn't find this story in any of the issues.

I'm fascinated to learn that Hubbard was Hultgren's inker! Where did their work appear as a team and how long did the pairing last?

I always learn something new from you!

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Steve and Dave:
Have you noticed that the characters are similar to "Puss and Boots" but are called "Puss and Toots" with a little different design. Strange, isn't it.

The cat really look like a Hubbard cat. The smile is so typical of him so I'm sure he was involved one way or another.
The movement of the carachters reminds me of both Hultgren and Turner. But the human looks like none of them would have drawn. Thats why I added Patin to my list. But the rest of the artwork doesn't look like his.

Got the original art to yet another Sangor story. Also unsigned (Got the complete story) that I'll post soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Joakim!

I think that what Dave says is correct.
Hultgren quite rough pencils (the dog and the panels'layouts look very "hultgrenish"), but with Hubbard's inks.
And while inking, Al was putting something of his own style into the pages (the cats's expressions, for example).

No Gil Turner or Ray Patin art into this.
And, by me, congratulations for getting these very valuable original art pages.

In this period, with Alberto Becattini, we also are talkin' a little bit in te "Cartoonist Globale" blog about Sangor Shop's artists. Very soon a detailed survey on Lynn Karp, by Alberto.

About the mysterious "Duck Album" layout you posted elsewhere... I guess that it may be Del Connell, who is credited for other stories in the early Duck Album, too (and he is also the serial's creator).
That story, "Still the Champion", is very, very important. I assume it can be the very first one starring Uncle Scrooge as main character after Carl Barks!


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