Thursday, 27 August 2009

Paul Fung and scanning

I've been pretty busy this week. Meetings, meetings and meetings. Small piles of paper at work that has grown into monster piles during my vacation has consumed most of my time at work. Tomorrow: two more meetings scheduled at work and them I'm off to my girlfriend for the weekend. Phew! I need that. It's hard getting adjusted after a long and nice summer vacation...

And in the evenings I've been trying to catch up with my scanning and restoration projects. Besides Adventures of Patsy by Mel Graff I'm also going through my sets of Paul Fung stuff.
If you have tearsheets for sale or want to trade high quality scans/copies please let me know. (Gus&Gussie, Dumb Dora, Guy from Grand Rapids etc.) If you are as much of a Fung-fan as me I'm sure we can work something out.:)

I'm scanning the strips and then mounting them for easy printing as you can see below. (This is only a low-res jpeg. My files are larger and sharp.)

The process I'm using is time consuming but the result gets pretty good.
First I scan the tearsheets in 600 dpi color. I then use the wand to select the black areas. (Tolerance between 80 and 110 depending on the condition of the strips.)
I then make a "new layer via copy". After that I drag the color background in the trash leavign me with only a black outline. I then change the image from color to grayscale.
Then under Adjustments I use Treshold to get nice sharp lines and to get rid of small spots etc. Then clean up and fill in black areas where neccesary and save as a bitmap. The results can be seen of you scroll down to my previous post. Those Patsy panels were all from yellowed newsprintpaper...
If anyone have a smarter, better and faster way to do it please let me know. :)

Before I call it a day here in the Studio here are two Paul Fung ads. Ger Apeldoorn has been posing several over at his blog so why shouln't I? :)
These are from 1941 and 1944. The one from 1944 is one of the very last things he drew before he died. More to come if there's interest.

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