Sunday, 16 August 2009

Identification day

Hans Holm at Svenskt Seriearkiv (Swedish Comics Archive) is currently going through old weekly Swedish magazines, to index the comics published there. The latest magazine to be indexed was "Veckorevyn"
(The Weekly Review). And there are a few "mystery strips" that needs identification. Maybe you can help? Artist, original title and country of origin needed.

First out is Laura Larsson wich ran 1936-39 in Veckorevyn. The page below is from 1936:44.

Update Sept 2015: Thanks to Lars Skovmand we now know that Laura Larsson is a Danish comic called Hanne Hansen made by Arne Ungermann. Thanks, Lars!

Then we have Flintkvist wich ran 1940-41. (Most likely a french strip since the copyright tag says Paris.)

And Familjen Flax that ran 1952-54.
This sample is from 1954, issue 19.

Familjen Flax is also the Swedish title for Browne's and Walker's Hi and Lois but this is obviously not the same. :)


Håkan / Wakuran said...

I just bought a copy of "De Lariflette a Janique Aimée", an index of French newspaper strips between the Golden Age of 1946-1975, but I couldn't spot that French comic, maybe it disappeared too early.

Btw, what does that signature of Familjen Flax say: Inguduise?

Sir-L said...

Any luck with this jet?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Nope, these really seems to be "mystery strips".

Sir-L said...

I've taken the liberty to post the pictures on a french comic forum.

(Under the thread: "Unidentified old comics")

Unknown said...

En af mine norske venner har spurgt mig om jeg kunne identificere serien Familjen Flax af Ingrid???? så sent som for to dage siden, uden jeg kunne hjælpe.
I et forsøg googlede jeg lidt og faldt over jeres efterlysning af selv samme serie.

Til gengæld er Laura Larsson nem for en dansker for det drejer sig om den danske serie Hanne Hansen af Arne Ungermann.

/Lars Skovmand