Sunday 27 December 2009

Lily and Lisa

Everything's slowly getting back to normal after x-mas. I'm currently in Hedvig's apartment drawing and listening to Lily Allen's latest record:
It's not me, it's you.
BTW: She pretty much summed up my thoughts on illegal downloading in a Myspace post earlier this year. Just click HERE to read it. Aw, the stupid arguments some pirates have to justify their actions...

Onwards to something else: "Steamboat Willie" asked me if I or any of the readers of this blog knows anything about the comic "Lisa vill till filmen" ("Lisa wants to be in the movies") He offers a sample panel with a signature published in "Husmodern" #46 1934. Is it Swedish? European? American?

I have no idea, but maybe some of you knows more about this obscure comic?

And for no reason at all here's Kula Shaker's video to Mystical Machine Gun featuring some erotic golf and a cameo by the Green Hornet...
Watch out for the limited 2 CD edition of their Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts in early 2010.


Hakan / Wakuran said...

Hmmm, the signature really looks like Gunila S. The name Gunila (more commonly Gunilla) is of Norse origin, which I would consider an indication it's a Swedish artist.

However, it's all guesswork and weak conjecture, and I could well be mistaken, so if someone would have more info, feel free to fill in.

Sir-L said...

Gunila Stierngranat tecknade under signaturen "Gunila S", se länken nedan.

Sir-L said...

I'll take it in english to, for those interested.

Gunila Stierngranat used the signature "Gunila S".

She also did the comic "Fru Äppelkvist och hennes 4" (Mrs Äppelkvist and her 4) for the weekly magazine "Allt för alla".

Hakan / Wakuran said...

Nice Art Nouveau-like style, btw.