Thursday, 17 December 2009

Miss Home Alone rides the rocking chair

This summer I spent a few days on the country side. Relaxing with my girlfriend in her familys cottage. Thats where I found this book. (Or maybe Hedvig showed it to me.)

Anyway, the book caught my eye and it turned out to be an amazing, surrealistic voyage through a childs imagination. I can highly reccomend everyone to read this childrens book. Not only for the text but for the illustrations also. "Fröken Ensam Hemma åker gungstol" ("Miss Home Alone rides the rocking chair".) has artwork by no one else than Swedish horror artist and fan favorite Hans Arnold.
I took a few snapshots that I hope you will enjoy.:)


Göran S said...

Det är en fullkomligt briljant bok. Jag älskade den när jag var liten.

Smurfswacker said...

Fantastic artwork! Is this book still in print, or is it a rarity? Thanks for introducing me to this artist; I'd never heard of him.

Ola Hammarlund said...

Mina främsta minnen av Fröken Ensam Hemma är av TV-versionen, med skådespelare. Jag tror inte den gått i repris. Boken hittade jag på biblioteket efter att ha sett historien på TV.

Håkan / Wakuran said...

Smurfswacker: The book is probably only printed once or maybe twice, and could probably be quite hard to find, particularly outside of Sweden.

Hans Arnold was born in Switzerland, grew up in a small, hypocritical Catholic village, but later moved to Sweden where he has lived most of his life and made his largest artistic development.

He is a cult artist here in Sweden due to his prolific output and personal style, but I think he is basically unknown outside Scandinavia.