Wednesday 23 December 2009

Carl Barks - "Spring in Samarkand"

Why not kick off the new year before it's even started?
Let's declare Wednesdays "Barksdays" here on the Sekvenskonst blog! Every wednesday there will be some odd and unusual Carl Barks item showcased.

Now, let's begin with a nice oil painting from 1967. No ducks here.
The title is "Spring in Samarkand" and is numbered #26-67.
(And in case you wonder, I'm not the owner of this piece. But it was sold on eBay in 2007.)

And, well, what's a Barks post without a few quackers?
Here are two that I believe was made in the 1990's.

Happy Holidays to you all!


1 comment:

Mike Matei said...

whenever I see the ducks running from the mummies like on the CBL #1 set - I always think of that shot from the Ducktales intro. My mind is tarnished forever. I suppose this was an alternate for the CBL library. I'm sure he had The Mummys Ring in Mind.