Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Flapper Fanny

Back in 2002 you could still find stuff really cheap on eBay. You still can, but these was almost for free. Two giant scrapbooks filled with Flapper Fanny panels by Ethel Hays and Gladys Parker! Nine panels per page. The earliest I found in the books are from 1926 and the latest with a year printed is from 1930. Don't know how many there are in these but there are more than plenty.
How much I paid? $11... :)
Maybe the fact that the owner had hand colored every panel was what made me the only bidder. But still, it was well worth the price and the 1930's coloring just adds to the charm.

Here are some examples of Ethels Hays panels from the books. Enjoy!

Notice that the left panel in the last picture is by Gladys Parker. Must be an early one since the style is really close to Ethels.

Anyway, I should head home now. It's late in the evening and I should be home now. Not in the studio. But I have nice company here. Kim W. Andersson and Fabian Göransson are both working here tonight.
But I can feel my body saying "Sleeeeeeep...", so I better do that.


Anonymous said...

Please more pussies

-= Steamboat Willie =- said...

Yes, a kitten or two would be nice. maybe a lion or some other larger cat?

-= Steamboat Willie =- said...

Do you have more Hays perhaps? I am looking for decent scans of "Marianne" by Hays. And I would be very pleased if i could find a decent scan of any of the two swedish Buster Brown albums from 1908.

What else do you have in your treasure chest?

(btw. Gohs is REALLY good, I've alwys thoought so.)

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

There are some strips in one of Trina Robbins books. But I now remember that she said that she could scan some that didn't make it into the book for me. I've just forgotten to mail her about that.
I'll send her a mail later today!

No Buster Brown albums in my drawers unfortunately...

sofia falkenhem said...

I love the first one. Love love love.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Anonymus: It's Fannies not Pussies. Watch your language!

Sofia: Yes, the first one is a real beauty. Will scan some more really good examples when time permits.

gabriel valles said...

Thanks for scanning these. they are all great. I hope you post more in the future. I can never get enough Hays art.

By the way, I took one of your scans and isolated the line art just to experiment. I could do a better job with a higher resolution scan but I think you can get the idea what is possible with my little test. You can see the results here;

I you want to know how I did it let me know.

Anonymous said...

Maybe anonymous is a brit, in that case "Fanny" and "Pussy" generally are synonyms... =S

ShellyLC said...

In a collection of books my father left me, I found a scrapbook. It appears to be old, and from what I have read so far, authentic. It has the works of Gladys Parker..Flapper Fanny, and the cartoons are hand colored. Is there a way to determine if it is in fact her work..and if it is, the value? My own husband is now sick, and I must sell some things off. How do I find a buyer? Thank you for any help you might be able to offer.